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MiniMeis Deluxe Package For 7 Months – 5 Years

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What’s included?

  • MiniMeis® Shoulder Harness.
  • Upper Section for 7 Month – 2 Years Child.
  • Upper Section for 2 – 5 Year Old  Child.
  • Extra Padding.

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The MiniMeis Baby carrier Deluxe Package has everything you need for a baby right through to a child of 5 years (or a child weight of 20kg):

  • MiniMeis® shoulder harness.
  • Upper section seat for a child of 7 months – 2 years of age. This upper section includes a harness similar to those used in car seats, so you know your toddler is safe and secure on your shoulders.
  • Upper section seat for a child of 2 – 5 years of age (or a maximum child weight of 20kg). This upper section has no harness, so the child remains stable via the Velcro leg loops.
  • Extra padding which can be useful in the summer months, when you want to use your MiniMeis® with less padded clothing such as T-Shirts.

Give your child the best view whilst knowing your child is safe & secure with a MiniMeis® Baby shoulder carrier. The MiniMeis® has revolutionised the way children are carried, it not only provides your child with a view of the world as you see it, it also leaves your hands free to point and interact with your child. MiniMeis® is simple to put on and has clip buckles with self locking straps for maximum convenience and comfort.

The MiniMeis® Baby / Child Shoulder Carrier is ideal for hiking, family day trips, holidays, walks to Pre-school or nursery and even walking the dog with your child, as MiniMeis® leaves your hands free to hold the dog lead!

When not in use, your MiniMeis® quickly folds in half so it’s easy to store away ready for your next adventure.

Give your child the best view with a MiniMeis baby/child shoulder carrier.


Unique ergonomic construction that places the weight directly above the bearer’s spinal column.
MiniMeis is collapsible for easy storage.
Total height: 67 cm / 26.4”.
Folded height: 35 cm / 13.8”.
Weight: 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs.
User weight: not to exceed 20kg.
Stainless steel arch with a spring-loaded hinge joint.
Rotatable, flexible support bars made with polyamide.
Padded support harness with ITW Surmount buckles on the front and sides.
Seat cover with padding including Velcro leg restraint.
Simple adjustment of seat height.
Color-coding of the adjustment straps, lifting straps and handle.
The cover and harness can be detached from the MiniMeis frame for easy cleaning.

4 reviews for MiniMeis Deluxe Package For 7 Months – 5 Years

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4 reviews
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  1. AwesomeI researched lots of baby carriers before deciding to buy a minimeis, I liked the idea of our baby boy seeing what’s going on around him when we’re out & about. There’s so many plus points about this baby carrier that all I can really say is buy one, you’ll be glad you did!

  2. WonderfullHawesome, i love it !

  3. A fantastic productAfter carrying my daughter on my shoulders for the last 4 years, and having the wife throw me the odd "she doesn't look safe" comment, this came as a bit of a god send! The first thing we noticed was how compact the Minimeis was, we took it on holiday to Center Parcs and it fitted easily inside of our suitcase. It's so easy to use that it took seconds to click together and both my son, who is 18 months and my daughter who is 4 and a half, were both extremely secure and happy in there. In fact my only problem was that I didn't have four shoulders to carry both of them as, apparently, being in the minimeis was the only way to see Center Parcs!! Even for the length of time I was carrying them, I'm not the fittest man in the world, I felt no aches or pains even after having it on for hours at a time!! Honestly, I cannot recommend this product enough as I believe every child loves looking at the world from the shoulders of their parents! Thank you!

  4. A great view!Firstly the MiniMeis is so easy to assemble. When we've used other carriers we've been left bewildered by the number of straps and harnesses. The MiniMeis is straightforward, simple, yet reassuringly safe. The materials are high quality and whilst we've only used it a few times so far (because of the lovely British weather) it's made of good durable stuff. It also looks smart (which is a bonus for those fashion conscious dads!). But the most important thing is the comfort and safety of our daughter and she absolutely loved being up on high with a better view on the world. The positioning of the weight also meant it was less strain on the back. Our old carrier was bulky but the MiniMeis is streamlined and compact. Once you switch you'll never want to go back and wonder why you hadn't used this kind of carrier all along. The Scandinavians are good at making this kind of thing! I'd recommend MiniMeis to all parents wanting an easy and safe way to give their young ones a better view of the world.

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