MINIMEIS was an idea that started on a warm summers day in Norway a few years ago. It spawned into a long process of hard work, but after much blood, sweat and tears we have created the ultimate shoulder carrying device for children!

It’s been more than 3 years in the making, but finally it’s here!

With the MINIMEIS baby shoulder carrier, your baby sits firmly on your shoulders safely strapped in with a 5 point seat harness. You carry the baby in a comfortable and ergonomically correct way as the weight of the baby is placed on top of your shoulders, distributing the weight evenly through your body. Unlike traditional carrying devices where you carry the baby on your back, which in some circumstances can put strain on the bearers back.

By having the weight of the child distributed evenly across your shoulders, this enables you to stand for longer periods of time and walk longer distances without getting tired. When you’re out and about with your child, children start to get curious and want to explore the world around them. MINIMEIS lets your baby explore the world with you and because the baby is safely strapped into the MINIMEIS, this leaves your hands free to interact with them.

We wanted MINIMEIS to be a practical product, in usage, transportation and storage. So we made it collapsible. It simply folds in half quickly & effortlessly.

MINIMEIS was developed and tested in Norway, and it still is! The developers of MINIMEIS are both industrial designers and textile designers, giving them the skills required in making the ultimate child-carrying device without compromising on functionality or quality.

The production of MINIMEIS is carried out in conjunction with trusted partners that have a long experience in producing products for the Norwegian market. This ensures quality in all aspects of the production, of every MINIMEIS child carrier.

Julius Winger – Inventor of the MiniMeis Baby Carrier.

We just love the product that’s been created! MINIMEIS UK are pleased to finally be able to share the ultimate baby carrier with you.


Give your baby the best view, choose a MINIMEIS hands free baby carrier.